Basic — 1x Food Sensitivity Test


We do not send a test kit to offer you the most affordable price and to make the test procedure as fast as possible. So you only have to send your samples. In this way we want to save the environment just like you do.
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Both of your saliva & hair samples are tested on 350 substances:
  • Food and Non-food Items
  • Vitamins & Minerals

Our food sensitivity tests are reviewed and approved by an independent nutritional therapist. Eager to take control of your health and avoid the things you are sensitive to? Desire to optimize your health and wellness. Increase your energy. Normalize your weight and general feeling of health.

What we include in your food sensitivity test

  • UNIQUE: Personalized food sensitivity analysis based on your symptoms such as stomach issues, bloating, skin issues, low metabolism or overweight
  • Double and simultaneous analysis of both your samples on 1069+ substances
  • Personal report of 65 pages on the foods-and non-foods to avoid
  • Safe payments through our Secured Server
  • Actionable 23 days follow-up guidance plan to feel healthy again
  • FREE BONUS: actionable documentation resources
  • EXTRA BONUS: App to make better food choices

Free bonus programs

Taking a food sensitivity test is a good start. It gets better when you know how to keep your health at the best possible level. That's why we give you this extra documentation for free with every order. You're welcome.

Your metabolism upgrade

Your metabolism can take a hit when your body is fighting food sensitivities. Our program is designed to get you feeling energized and strong. Try these tips to help rev up your metabolism.

Your allergy relief

Do you suffer from the symptoms of seasonal allergies? Are you forced to take a lot of medicine? Are you finding it tough to go outside and enjoy the spring air because your allergies are causing so much discomfort, or maybe your allergies are coming from the foods you eat? This exclusive documentation will guide you to make the best out of a limiting lifestyle.

Effectively lower your cholesterol

When it comes to overall health, having a good cholesterol level is one of the best steps you can take for your body.

Your weight in balance

Achieving and maintaining the right weight is what many people struggle with. This unique book + audio files helps you to take the right steps and motivates you to keep doing this.

Get rid of your nut allergy

You will get a detailed program on how to beat your nut allergy. This program is easy to follow and will help anyone who has nut allergy reach their nutritional goal in no time at all!

The highest possible accuracy at your own comfort level

Our food sensitivity tests have the highest level of accuracy. We use the best constituents of each sample and we perform our tests against 1069+ substances.

With this food sensitivity test method, you ensure a non-intrusive collection of your samples. You comb your hair and catch three to four hairs (preferably with roots).

For saliva collection, you can easily collect some saliva from the mouth with your own cotton swab. The saliva sample can be taken by passing a cotton swab thoroughly along the inside of both sides of your cheeks, including both ends of the swab. This is a completely painless experience.